In the very early hours of April 1, 2021, I had the opportunity to interview 唐鳳 – Taiwans “digital minister”, a minister without portfolio. Audrey is deeply inspired by the early Internet and has carried the principles of radical transparency and co-creation right into her job as minister.

When asked which color she would associate with learning she answered as quick as a shot: Transparent! Watch her explanation! Expect the unexpected 🙂

This is the first part of the interview, which I did for time4you GmbH communication & learning.


Audrey Tang has quite an unusual CV – school drop-out, early adapter of the Internet, serial entrepreneur, squatter and today she is minister without portfolio. Many people call her the Digital Minister of Taiwan – she is mainly responsible for Taiwan’s successful digital strategy to keep Covid 19 down.
Her personal learning journey is deeply influenced by the Internet and its core principles of transparency and co-creation. And this is exactly how she is practicing her job.


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