Public speaking didn’t come easy to me. It took quite some courage and a lot of training to reach to the point where I felt comfortable to step out and take the stage. Stage-fright is always there … the first minute out there is crucial for me 🙂 After that, I feel “safe”.

My main topics of talking expertise are decentralised structures and their impact on life, learning, business and governing, informal learning and play and “The Greater We” – how to drive change in communities. All in a very hands-on and practical sense.

If you want to invite me for a talk, just drop me a line:

ulrike (at) ulrikereinhard (dot) com

So far I’ve given seven TEDx Talks in Bulgaria, Belgium and India and I spoke multiple times at various universities and colleges and company events. Below I’ve listed my most important talks.

Empathy. Expression. Provocation. | TEDxBillabongHighBhopal | March 2018

Finding my own way | TEDxFlandersWomen | November 2017

When a Skateboard Transforms a Village | TEDxGurugram | Nov. 2016

How many skateboards does it take to solve a problem? Ulrike Reinhard talks in her TEDx talk about her journey to a remote part of central India, and the journey of an entire village on the path towards progress using what essentially is a piece of wood fixed to a set of wheels.