"There are some people whose lives followed the logic of dynamic networks
long before the internet appeared on the scene. In my time I’ve met a handful of individuals
who were digital natives in a much more radical sense than their date of birth
might lead you to suppose. Ulrike Reinhard is one of them.

She has the genius to be able to think and act in terms of interaction.
In conversation with her, it’s easy to be carried away by her enthusiasm for open processes.
Ulrike Reinhard is a catalyst for collective intelligence and network nodes, an enabler
who forges direct links that bring people together. She’s a virtuoso across the
whole repertoire of modern technologies, but she would still be adding more reality
to the We in this world if she had to use smoke signals and pigeon post to do so.

Ulrike Reinhard is an impassioned explorer of frontiers with an astonishing faith in her ability
to find her way even in new and uncharted territory. She seldom follows a steady straight
line but always shows an unflappable sense of direction. Like the path she’s carved through life,
Ulrike Reinhard is never boring and always good for a few surprises!"

(Peter Kruse on Ulrike Reinhard in 2015)

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My clients include NATO, MIT, Google, Bertelsmann Foundation, The Kiel Institute for the World Economy, The MIT Media Lab, Harvard University.
Creating Content

Creating high-quality content – videos, interviews and texts – is what I've been doing since the Internet first became part of our daily lives. What interests me most are the people who bring stories alive. I love to talk with them and show the faces behind the story. I've recently created two long podcast series – one is called the Tankwa Artscape and the other on Synergia People 2023.

So if you need support in creating your own content, I am ready to help!
Driving Change

In order to drive change you need to disrupt the status quo and open up spaces in which change can happen. Driving change means nothing less than changing culture, and bringing in new behaviour; it means changing the mindset of people in such a way that they start to act differently. This can only happen, when people themselves are part of the process.

How to trigger such change and keep it evolving, is what I've long been specialised in. I've worked successfully with companies on such change processes and my latest ongoing long-term project is The Rural Changemakers of Janwaar.
Finding People

No matter if you need (keynote) speakers for a conference or looking for connections in the business and cultureal world of a foreign country – my international network will never fail to find the right people for you.

I am happy to organize exploratory trips for you, where you, your team and/or partners will meet up with potential business partners, cutting edge enterprises and key actors from various walks of life. Each trip is a unique experience as each of them is customized to meet the special requirements of each individual client.

If you are interested, I will gladly supply references.

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