In case you get bored at the treehouse you can rent one of these motorbikes. The greenish one is a 500 ccm Royal Enflied Classic and the blue one is a 350 ccm Thunderbird (Royal Enfield) and explore the area. It will be an adventure. And if you need a local guide, no issues. Just ask me.

Raneh Falls

Raneh Falls is 20 km from the treehouse. It is a lovely small road which takes you there. For me it is one of the most spectacular things you can do. There is a crocodile point at the far end of the gorges. The first batch of photos is taken in the month of January.

The following photos show the same place, Raneh Falls, during the monsoons in the month of September.

Elephant Camp

The Elephant Camp is at the Hinauta entrance gate to Panna National Park. From us it’s a 35 km ride through stunning landscape. You basically drive through Panna National Park. If you are lucky you can meet up with 15 elephants there – all age groups. The youngest one, little Babu, will turn 2 years old on October 2nd, 2019. The elephants are working elephants for the park. Together with their mahoots they reach areas where no car can go.

The Tiger Reserve

The entrance to Panna National Park is less than 2 km from our place. It’s so close that every now and then a tiger comes out. Among all the tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh, for me Panna is the most beautiful. The landscape stretches along the Ken River and then climbs up on two different levels with quite different fauna. Twice a day safaris are offered.

Rajnee’s Coffee House

A visit at Rajnee’s Coffee House in the middle of Madla village is an experience of its own. Truly local. Truly rural. Rajnee is a woman who takes a stand in this male dominated area – and she is the best cook in town. Four, five years ago she opened the Coffee House and is welcoming guests from all over the world. Her Mungh Dal Pakoras are hard to beat. You can read the reviews on tripadvisor.

And when you come on a weekend day you can even go shopping with her on the local friday evening market in Madla.

Rajnee making her world famous Mungh Dal Pakoras

Khajuraho Temples

Khajuraho is 23 km for our place. The Khajuraho Temples, very often refered to as the “Kamasutra Temples”, are UNESCO World Heritage. They are quite stunning – best time to visit is early in the morning.

Janwaar Castle and The Rural Changemakers

Janwaar is a small village, 35 km away from the treehouse. It’s a few kilometers off the Panna-Satna road. In this village every kid is skateboarding. That’s quite unusual. What has started as a social experiment has become India’s epicenter of skateboarding. And it has brought quite some change to the village. For the last five years I’ve spent quite some time in Janwaar.

Art Ichol

Art Ichol is 120 km from Madla. It’s close to Maihir. With the bike it’s a beautiful 3 hours ride. On your way you’ll see weird formations of mountains and you get an idea of what rural Madhya Pradesh is all about. I love Art Ichol – the contrast between what is done there in the arts and what is surrounding it, it couldn’t be harsher. Out of this tension the power and energy of this place emerges.

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