I don’t like CVs. Therefore I abstain from publishing one. I also don’t like writing about myself. Therefore I’ll just put down some notes from my wikipedia page and let my late great mentor, Peter Kruse, speak on my behalf.

If you read my blog you’ll get a much better picture of what I am up to 🙂

I’ve travelled more than 100 countries where I’ve spoken to Nobel Laureates, nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize, high ranking politicians, internationally acknowledged visionary thinkers, successful entrepreneurs, outstanding critics, activists and down-to-earth field practitioners. Traveling and listening have helped me a lot to find my way and sharpen my perspectives.

Since 2012 I spent most of my time in India.

I’ve spent most of my time with network theory with the Internet at its core. It’s the interactions and co-creation processes within my network that I cherish most. I love to see things emerging and falling into place. In November 2017, in my fifth TEDx talk in Antwerp, Belgium, I had the chance to present “the central theme in my life” on stage and surprise, surprise: The Internet played quite an important role.

I am convinced that transformational change on a huge scale in rural areas has to be freed from econocmic development and corporate investments. It can only be achieved when you start working with the youth. Empower the youth and provide the youngsters options and give everyone an equal chance. This is the basis on which I first started Janwaar Castle in 2014 as a private initiative. Five years later the model has been replicated in various villages all over India.

In 2015, Peter Kruse, the “muse of the Internet”, described me as follows:

“There are some people whose lives followed the logic of dynamic networks long before the internet appeared on the scene. In my time I’ve met a handful of individuals who were digital natives in a much more radical sense than their date of birth might lead you to suppose. Ulrike Reinhard is one of them. She has the genius to be able to think and act in terms of interaction. In conversation with her, it’s easy to be carried away by her enthusiasm for open processes.

Ulrike Reinhard is a catalyst for collective intelligence and network nodes, an enabler who forges direct links that bring people together. She’s a virtuoso across the whole repertoire of modern technologies, but she would still be adding more reality to the We in this world if she had to use smoke signals and pigeon post to do so. Ulrike Reinhard is an impassioned explorer of frontiers with an astonishing faith in her ability to find her way even in new and uncharted territory. She seldom follows a steady straight line but always shows an unflappable sense of direction.

Like the path she’s carved through life, Ulrike Reinhard is never boring and always good for a few surprises!”