Build anew and make the old obsolete!

This is what Stacey Abrams does! Nothing less,

A great political “mischief” in its very best way and a great soul to build better communities: Stacey Abrams

I’ve learned a lot by reading her books “Lead from the Outside” and “Our Time is Now” – she certainly has a very powerful ME (not an ego) and she has proven to build a greater and better WE (=community). Black communities are voting in Georgia because of Abrams’ endless community work – she has created a network which is able to resist fake news information and is instead given the people their voices. Be a voice, not an echo! A model which can truly work – it has been working so far in Georgia as we all could witness during the last election!

I hope she will succeed in her race for the Gorvenor in Georgia!

Read about the model she has been creating here.

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