India is like the Internet.

And this is I believe, why I am still here.

I wrote the editorial for our fist we_India magazine six years ago (see page 27 or below). And most of it still holds true.

I probably would rewrite the parts I mention democracy, This doesn’t look so glorious any more to me.

I am living in India since 2012.

Editorial for the fiirst we_India edition in 2013

“I fully embraced India’s diversity and all the tensions – positive and negative – going along with it. In times in which globalization bans diversity – one should cherish it! All these different kind of layers, networks, hubs, relations and combinations which keep this country running – in an incredible democratic way.

Even though huge parts of the system are not running at their best and many things seem to be contradictions to what I am just writing – somehow all these 1.3 billion individuals on their various levels keep this democracy going and fuel it each and every day. Amazingly chaotic – but still somehow following an order. At the end the Indians get the things done and move forward. Maybe it’s simply the Indian way 😉  Jugaad!

For me India is pretty much like the Internet: empathy, reputation, collaboration, transparency, participation and resonance are key to survive. For each and every occasion there are so many options – so you really have to dive in, trust your peers and go with the flow. There is no such a thing as a “plan” or knowing what is going to happen. You simply don’t know – you have to become part of it, you have to live it and let the things unfold. No control! Free yourself! And let the future reveal itself – just keep your mission in mind and adjust if needed. This sounds like a business strategy for the 21st century or a manual for a great relationship – here it seems to be daily practice.”

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