I started web videos in 2004 when bandwidth was a major issue. Even today I still struggle once in a while depending in which area of the world I am or how huge the video file is to be uploaded. Where ever I go I always have a tiny little digicam on me ready to shoot.

In the course of orbiting the planet I’ve met quite some pretty interesting people. People from various backgrounds and with different kinds of expertise. Quite a range of characters too. What all of them have in common is a vision. Many of them dedicate their (business) lives to it.

Below some of my most important interviews/conversations are listed – important that is from my personal point of view. You can find more here. They all deal with “better ways of thinking” and the incredibly promising power of the Internet to shape and transform our society, education, politics and economics – to transform the world into a better place!

Please feel free to reuse them whenever you want to. Spread the word!
Thank you!

Brad Anderson, CEO Best Buy – A Company is a Dreamfactory …
Peter Burnell – How Climate Change Correlates with Democracy
Gordon Kaufman – God as a Creative Mystery – Emergence
Hans Rosling – Twenty-twenty is tomorrow!
Samuel Klein – Wikis are much more philosophy than tool
Marcus Vetter- The Story: Cinema Jenin rolls out red carpet
Isaac Mao – China after the Nobel Prize
Peter Kruse on The Network is Challenging Us
The Element – Interview with Sir Ken Robinson
Don Tapscott – Old Paradigms Die Hard
Ester Dyson on Venture Capital
Lawrence Lessig on ChangeCongress.org
Lee Bryant – Enterprise 2.0: Practical and Traditional
Martine Rothblatt – MindclonesVlog and Interviews
John Hagel – The Power of Pull
Joi Ito on Creative Commons
Marvin Minsky on Marvin Minsky
Luis Suarez – Thinking outside the Inbox
Stephen Downes – The Future of Corporate Learning
Itay Talgam – What Leaders can learn from Conductors
David Weinberger – Everything is Miscellanous
Henry Jenkins – Beyond Broadcast – A New Understanding of Convergence

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