Women Power

During the Global Citizen Forum in London I’ve had the chance to interview three incredible women ….

The first interview I did was with Chema Gargouri, a Tunisian woman, founder and president of TAMSS (Tunisian Association for Management and Social Stability). Their mission is mission is to sustainably develop poor communities through strengthening the economic and social capacities of families by establishing innovative complementary services based on leadership, training, education, and the promotion of entrepreneurship and micro-enterprise. I am sure you will be more than surprised what Chema has to say about Tunisian woman …

The second interview I did with Dr. Masuma Hasan who remained first women Ph.D. and first women Federal Secretary of Pakistan. While her husband spent many years in prison because of fighting Pakistan dictators, Masuma made it all by herself to the top and is today for many Pakistan women a role model.

And the third interview is featuring Alfaris Deena, CEO of a family business in Saudi Arabia, a very unusual job for a woman in this country!