Ohood Enaia – Life in Palestine

I’ve met Ohood last year at the Transformation Thinkers Conference (Schlos Steinhöfel, close to Berlin) – where we shared some great experiences. Ohood is native Palestinian and lives close to Ramallah, West Bank. She is working as a manager at the Municipal Development and Lending Fund, a semi government institution, and responsible for strategic planning and extern relations dealing with local municipals. While we were in Berlin I connected Ohood with Dagmar Quentin who is deeply involved in the Cinema Jenin project – now both of them are working together on an eductaion program in Jenin. I was very happy to hear this!

“I am here to serve my people”, she says. No doubt Ohood is driven by deep intrinsic motivation.
In the following interview she gives us insights into daily life in Palestine and at the end we’ve had a brief discussion about 2stars4peace.