From ME to WE and the other way round – TEDxBG

TEDxBG in Sofia was a very strange experience for me. Maybe because I just flew in the night before from Brazil and I only got 3 hours sleep. When I arrived at the venue, I didn’t had any schedule, I didn’t know what time my talk was – I didn’t know anything about the others topics and speakers. There was nothing available in English and the 3 organizers were too busy to give any translation. So I wasn’t able to get anything out of all these talks, except some questions I asked some people after the event. For this I really felt sorry. It was somehow a waste of time.

Except one thing – I’d really like to pick out: There was a young girl, Daniela, 11 years old, she sang on stage beautifully to Samba rythmns. I invited her spontaneously to come with us next time to Brazil and to join the volunteer team in the favelas. Besides theatre we will now add music to the program we are going to do there! Daniela seemed to be very happy …

And I was pleased to back up with Georgi Kamov, a young Bulgarian entrepreneur, who just launched his own company Nextdoor. I met him at a Transformation Thinker event a year ago. We enjoyed Bulgarian food and red wine with his wife and her 2 sisters. Lovely! Thanks for that!

The TEDxBG event was followed by a so called “volunteer-day”. Alek, one of the TEDx organizers described it as: “We are dividing the TEDX-audience in groups and sending them to different places where they can volunteer. It’s important, since Bulgaria is dead last in volunteering per capita. We’ll have a dog shelter; an urban transformation group, which will refurbish an underpass; a visit to a couple of children shelters; an annual bird count at a nearby lake and many other things …” A good initiative.

Other things I liked to mention:

  • the Betahaus, Bulgarian’s first co-working space just opened its doors, and yes, it is related with the Betahaus in Berlin
  • Air Bulgaria – not all a recommendation to fly with
  • the mountains surrounding Sofia looked really inviting for a ski tour
  • very good food and wine
  • smell of corruption is in many place
  • besides some shopping malls, IMAX cinemas and “western” company buildings, Sofia still has this “socialism” look and feel
  • taxi, food, drinks are really, really cheap
  • the young people at the TEDx event are excited as all the other young people I’ve met around the world. One of the participants said, that there aren’t too many people willing to drive change in BUlgaria. It’s only a small grope. I have no idea if this is true or not.

I definitely will be back!

For those who are interested in, here is my talk.

I started with our trailer for we-the-movie …..

.. followed by these slides:

And here is a transcript of the text:

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