People aren’t walking blind …

Last night Egyptian actor Khalid Abdalla spoke to Al Jazeera English from Tahrir Square. This interview is so important and impressive because of quite a few reasons:

  • WE are facing the opportunity to rebuild this counry from the ground up WITHOUT the army imposing itsself upon us and killing, arresting and torturing people and wanting to be above all of us.
  • SCAF has no future in Egyptian government.
  • The pressure here is NOT coming from government but from the situation SCAF has created in the last 9 month.
  • WE have many alternatives for this important transition phase (names a couple …)
  • People know completely what they want … they want to see SCAF step down
  • People aren’t walking blind.
  • Elections NOW are a recognition of SCAF authority – this is why I am and many others are not going to vote! (A friend of mine told me these days “elections right now would be INHUMAN!)