Looking into the Future – Brief Chat with Stephen Downes

Last night Stephen and I sat down in nice cafe in Little Italy in Toronto – surrounded by “coffee house sound”. We were talking about many things (e.g. him being a rebellious pupil and student:-) and we finally end up in the following brief chat on “The beginning of a new time” – a web-movie project I am working on. Details you will find here.

I always love to talk with Stephen …

we_magazine rocked the web yesterday!

I am still overwhelmed by the response of the launch of our we_magazine.

Thanks to all our authors who spread the idea throughout the Web and thanks to all those who read about us and continued to report on it! I had about one hundred mails to answer: congratulations, invitations and ideas how to proceed. Thanks for all this positive input!

In my function as the editor I only received one harsh critique regarding Sugata Mitra’s article “Hiring Indians – The we of working together”. The critic himself – being Indian – felt very much insulted by Sugata’s description of Indians and appealed to my responsibility as the editor not to publish such phrases. We are working on this to find a solution which hopefully will cover all needs.

So for me, and I think I can speak for the whole we_team, it was a great day yesterday. It really showed us how the web is working and what immense energy can be released if people become a “WE”.

We are really looking forward what will come next!

For those wh haven’t been on the website yet, here is the line-up for the first we_edition:

Ten Futures (Stephen Downes)
WE Care – Corporate Social Responsibility (Line Hadsbjerg)
The world is talking. WE is listening! Global Voices Online (Ethan Zuckerman)
You don’t have to ask WE for permission – Creative Commons (Joichi Ito)
WE – The Media (Dan Gillmor)
From Youtube To WEtube (blogpost by Henry Jenkins)
WE are hiring Indians (Sugata Mitra)
Playing for Change (Jeff Cobb)
The Fast Learnung Organization – Enterprise 2.0 (Willms Buhse/Soeren Stamer)
WE Create – Mass Customization and beyond (Frank T. Piller/Dennis Hilgers)
WE _Digital Natives (Jonathan Imme)
WE distribute, shape and share information, knowledge and cultures (Regine Debatty)

The we_magazine is licenced under the Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike, Germany

The Future of Corporate Learning

As Co-host of SCOPE_08 – The Future of Learning Conference I interviewed Stephen Downes a Canadian expert in the field of online learning. Stephen studied philosophy and became a senior researcher at the National Research Council, Moncton, Canada, in November, 2001. He is pretty well known all over the world for his publications regarding elearning 2.0 and his daily news letter OLDaily – short for Online Learning Daily.

Link: sevenload.com