ARTBOARD / SKATEBOARD – Collaboration with skate-aid

Last weekend Bea, she does all the design stuff for our various “we”- endeavours, and I went to Münster. My second visit to this beautiful old city … We visited skate-aid at the skate palace.



skate-aid – under the umbrella of the Titus Dittmann Foundation – was founded in 2009 by Titus Dittmann, the German skateboarding legend. skate-aid supports humanitarian aid projects for children and young people worldwide. Their goal: to promote a sense of identity and purpose through skateboarding.

Exactly what we are planning to do with our we_school skatepark project.
Therefore I am very happy to announce that skate-aid and we_school “join forces” to let the ARTBOARD/SKATEBOARD project fly.

The cooperation includes:

  • we both use our networks to promote the project
  • skate-aid will operate and conduct the auction on a charity basis;
  • ARTBOARD/SKATEBOARD will become a skate-aid project without loosing its independence
  • we garantee the handling in India and coordinate the project locally
  • skate-aid brings in its expertise in building the skatepark
  • we connect them with the locals and provide sustainable progress

So NOW – having all the skateboards ready and having set the ground for a charity auction – all we need is YOU to join and make the auction a HUGE success – for the sake of the young children in rural India.