“I can” – Riverside School in Ahmedabad, India

Kiran Bir Sethi founded Riverside School in 2001. Riverside is the amalgamation of an approach to learning that is embedded in common sense and a vibrant research centre for school education. There, insights from cutting-edge research are turned into working models of pedagogical practices with a single-minded focus – student well being. Over the last 11 years, Riverside has developed, implemented and shared a unique curriculum that is proving to be the benchmark for providing a no-compromise school education of the highest quality.

In the following interview Kiran tells the story of Riverside – which is her personal story as well.

What I liked best was the open and “light” architecture. Riverside is truly a space where it can be fun to learn. The environment is right for the kids to grow.

Wikis are much more philosophy than tool

Samuel Klein describes himself as a Wikipedian, a one laptop per child director and local community organizer, a mathematics and physics zealot, a clutch proofreader, and a long-time Bostonian. At the drumbeat festival in Barcelona we chatted with him about wikis, education and olpc. It was fun – as you can see!

Apologies for the background noise …

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