Transparency, participation and our citzen’s obligation to make something out of it!

On behalf of the Bundeszetrale für politische Bildung I’ve hosted a livestream with Ellen Miller, executive director and co-founder of Sunlight Foundation, last thursday. In the up-run of the Bundeskongress Partizipation the Bundeszentrale will have more of such events. Their goal: to get a discussion going on the topics closely related to the event’s theme: participation.

  • What does participation mean?
  • What does it take?
  • Why should citizens participate?
  • What influence should they have?
  • What are existing examples?
  • How can we “learn” participation?

It was a pleasure to start this serie with Ellen Miller. She spans for more than 35 years the worlds of non-profit advocacy, grassroots activism and journalism out of Washington DC. She is a nationally recognized expert on transparency and the influence of money in politics.
Sunlight Foundation is a non-partisan non-profit – dedicated to using the power of the Internet to catalyze greater government openness and transparency.

She gave us a brief introduction on Sunlight’s work and then we really had a lively discussion with the participants. A broad range of questions came up. You can watch the entire live stream here: