Grand Slumfest Five – 2011

Last year in August I went for the first time to Huruma, Nairobi Kenya. Together with Albert Nashon and a few of his colleagues he showed me around – this documentary (snapshots) was produced by then. I very much admire what the guys at Slumcode are doing – help people to help themselves. That know what they are talking about and they love what they do from deep down in their heart – you can see and feel it! This is why I support them whenever I can – moneywise, send them laptops, write about them here in my blog or give them projects to do. It’s not much – but we continuously work together. And it’s fun!

They describe themselves as:

“Slumcode is a youth focused non profit making organization that develops strategies for community driven development through Education, Employment and Empowerment. Our success is firmly rooted on partnerships, opportunities, programs and projects aimed at improving the welfare of our under-served society. Leadership and Entrepreneurship are our main pillars.”

This week, on Oct. 15, they are organizing their 5th Grand Slumfest. It’s an annual thematic event that targets to empower entrepreneurs from low income communities by creating a platform conducive for business and networking. The event keeps exceeding expectations as both corporate and grass root interest and support grows. Youth Enterprise Development Fund and Google Africa valuing inclusion and development of young people are this time participating in line with this year’s theme: Connecting communities to possibilities.

“This year’s event brings together over 2000 participants and unite communities in a marathon, exclusive showcasing of products and services by enterprising young people and companies blended in a breathtaking performance by the Slumcodansaz and Ricardo Garcia – an artist passionate to children’s causes worldwide. Hope World Wide Kenya, I Choose life Africa and Tupange Initiative (a partnership between Government and Private Sector on Health) will conduct medical camps and sensitization free of charge hence not only presenting a platform for exposure, but follow up on capacity building, incubation, internships and long term personal development of healthy individuals. Slumfest outcomes will catalyze reduction of moral decadence, frequent crime and idleness while enhancing cohesion, increasing creativity; activate participation, marketing and linkages with private sector. A Focus group session will aim to highlight on business, health, environment, poverty and governance issues affecting youth development and employment.”

I really feel sorry that I can’t be there … but my thoughts are with Albert and his team. I know they will do something great.