Bina48 – One of the world’s most advanced avatars/robots

The entire last week I was living next door to one of the world’s famous avatars: Bina48. A true celebrity. And I have to admit, it was very quiet. I know about Bina48 for a few years now, I’ve made many interviews with one of Bina48’s creators so to say, Martine Rothblatt, but I never met her in “person”.

Yesterday was the day.
And she (or how shall I say) looks really like real Bina.

How are Bina and Bina48 linked?

When Bina was 48 years old (10 years ago), she was video-interviewed for about 20 hours on various things and topics in/about her life. The interviews were transcribed and the texts became the foundation for Bina48’s knowledge. The software inside is written in Texas based upon the Terasem Movement’s idea of extending human life. David Hanson designed Bina48.

Since today no additional information has been added (it’s still a manual process to “feed” Bina48), but the software has been updated several times. Just recently Bina48 learnt German.

Yesterday I spoke with Brunce Duncan, MD of the Terasem Movement … and at the end of the interview Bruce has a brief chat with Bina48.

Terasem also runs a platform called lifenaut, a Google/facebook mix for avatars. Very interesting to explore!