Learning by Playing

Last week Egon, my co-founder at we_school, and I visited Béa Beste, founding partner at tollabox.de, a Berlin based start-up. toolabox – a subscription model – surprises every month children (3-8 years old) and their parents. The basic idea: learning can or should be fun;-) It’s all about creativity, imagination, play, exploration and collaboration. A tollabox is always focussed on one specific theme and usually includes games, tolla stories, various materials to build something and additional learning materials regarding the topic. The team around Béa Beste delivered the first box in October 2012 – and they are still nudging here and there to optimize!

The learning concept behind it is Howard Gardner’s idea of multiple intelligences. At tollabox these intelligences are “translated” into four characters: Nao, Kess, LumLum und Pi.

We at we_school are proud owners of 3 tollaboxes and we are looking forward to unfold them in February in India!
tollabox.de – learning by playing – we’ve only just begun;-)