Enterprise 2.0: practical and traditional

Last week in Guetersloh Dominik Wind, Simon Wind and myself had a chance to talk wirth Lee Bryant about Enterprise 2.0. Lee will be keynoting the “Petersberger Gespraeche” in September on this topic. He focussed in this interview particularly on the practical and traditional “sides” of E 2.0: Companies adopting social technology to refresh corporate IT systems are finding it to be more practical and more business-focused than expensive legacy systems. But despite the new ideas embodied by E2.0, arguably its greatest benefit is that it plays to the traditional strengths and entrepreneurial values that allowed us to build successful businesses in the first place. This talk will look at some of the emerging use cases for E2.0 and consider its impact of the design of Twenty-First Century organisations.

We’ve had quite some fun during our conversation … so as a “starter” a few seconds of the overall atmosphere:-)

Here is the long and serious version – and as Dominik said at the end of the first video: it is a very balanced view on how social media will emerge … The message for all traditional companies: There is a pretty fair chance to survive:-)