Upgrading Entrepreneurship!

Last week I’ve had a long conversation with Peter Kruse, nextpractice GmbH, on the business impacts of nextexpertizer. A shortened version of the interview will be published soon by Google.

Peter gives you an insight into why it’s important to think about how and which data to collect in order to achieve valuable data sets and explains how nextexpertizer reveals the dynamics of hidden value patterns underpinning psychological and social change. What nextexpertizer does is to upgrade entrepreneurship in a way that identifies and visualizes values on the threshold of transferring into actual consumer behavior. Meaning: As a CEO, manager, politician you’re sure to know what’s next.

Here are the single video snippets:

01 The correlations between data, patterns and complexity
02 What kind of data do we need to achieve complexity reduction by pattern formation?

03 Cultural value systems are telling you what’s next
04 The basic idea behind nextexpertizer
05 What’s next? – implications for business strategies
06 We are upgrading entrepreneurship
07 Resonance and empathy enable fully viral
07 Empathy and resonance enable “fully viral”
08 What’s next in Social Media?
09 A Matter of Fact in A World of Values
10 Why n=100 is more than enough to measure value systems
11 This data is absolutely clever
12 What’s next in the world of data?
13 Politicians should challenge people in different ways