Digitale Transformationen

About 10 years ago I published this 4 kg heavy book: digitale transformationen (in German):

The publication deals with fundamental transformations of art and modern life caused by digital technologies. Theoreticians, artists and scientists express their view along with producers, sponsors and intermediators. They present digital transformations in its manifold functions and with tangible examples as a new aesthetic and innovative research. Art with information technology is about finding and creating images on the basis of communication processes and about conceptual strategies and cognitive methods. The editors Ulrike Reinhard and Monika Fleischmann would like to address not only the traditional cultural sector but to position media art at the interface between technology, economy, science and culture. Their aim is to reach those readers who are willing to appreciate and support this kind of art as an important key factor for new thinking and innovation. Media art shows new views of the world. It reveals how we understand what we see and hear. The texts provide an insight into discourses and artistic practices in the German-speaking region.

Many of the texts are still actual today.

This beautifully designed book contains a DVD on which all texts are available as mp3 files.

Amazaon has to say this about the publication.

Yesterday the printing house called me, that they “found” another 200 copies in their stock!
Together with my co-publisher Monika Fleischmann, Fraunhofer Institute, we decided to give them away for only 10 Euros each (regular price 120.00 Euro) plus packaging and shipping.

So please feel free to order your copy now ny sending an email to ulrike (at) ulrikereinhard (dot) com.