Interview with Joi Ito

Last week at the gvsummit in Budapest I was lucky to talk to Joi Ito. For the we-magazine I interviewed him about Creative Commons. It was really fun talking to him. Thanks again Joi!

Here are some topics we were talking about:

  • Investments in profit and non profit projects.
  • Difference between the concept of copyright and the principles of Creative Commons?
  • Are Creative Commons Agreements consensus driven?
  • are there any other even better options on your mind?
  • How sustainable is the creative commons approach? Where do you see the pitfalls for a copyleft approach in digitized and networked world?
  • Will creative commons ultimately lead to the death of the author and the rise of an emergent (quite positive) but impersonal (rather negative) WE?
  • Do you believe that there will be a time when all mass media content will be available legally to anybody, anytime?