Honesty is crucial when you want to change the world!

Mehmood Khan brought the delights of Lux soap and Brooke Bond tea to many countries in South East Asia, and behind such innocent pleasures he took with him the infrastructure of consumer capitalism: advertising agencies, market research companies, supply chains and beauty pageants for Miss Lux. Meehmod was Head of Innovation at Unilever. He was responsible for taking on regional power barons, putting in place a global supply chain and fostering global integration.

Today he is bringing all his business experience back home to India, trying nothing less than a revolution in development to turn the tide of poverty.

Mehmood belongs to a very old Indian family. He was brought up in Mewat – an 1.5 hour car ride from Delhi. When he went to school there, he says, the school was pretty good. Same was true for water and other natural resources. Today the challenges are huge. The local population has increased fourfold in 40 years and the land cannot cope. The forests have largely disappeared and water is becoming scarce. There are not enough jobs and there is not enough energy.

The magic word going along with his ideas is social entrepreneurship. In this interview Mehmood Khan shares his ideas on social entrepreneurship and gives insights how to tackle some of India’s huge challenges.

Part 1

Part 2