Mindfiles, Mindware, Mindclones …

… this is how Martine Rothblatt named her blog in which she answers one hundred questions about the coming age of our own cyberconsciousness and techno-immortality. We started a vlog on blip.tv almost a year ago – for each answer one video;-) All of the videos we’ve done via SKYPE, recorded with snapshot pro.

And here comes the next one … Unfortunately I didn’t realize that my snapshot pro licence expired, I found this out when I captured the video. Too late though … What happened you can see in the pict on the left hand side. Sorry for this. But I saved the audiofile;-) Lucky me!

Our topic in this interview is: “What kind of family would mindclones have?” This might sound strange, but in the context of children and artifical lungs based on one’s own DNA, this all becomes so real … We are not talking about sci-fi – this is stuff we are going to see within the next 20 years …!

Enjoy the mp3 – next time it will be video again;-)