Chéma Gagouri on Tunisia

I’ve met Chéma during the Global Citizen Forum held by the British Council a few years ago. Her work aims to empower women in Tunisia to become entrepreneurs. She is convinced that only broad grassroot movements will drive change and somehow guarantee sustainability.

In our SKYPE conversation she gives us insights into

– Tunisia’s culture,
– Islam and democracy,
– what people want and don’t want in Tunisia,
– the transformattion process her country is currently experiencing and
– the disconnectedness of the government from the people.

It’s a pleasure talking with her.

Recorded via SKYPE.

A different take on Syria

In the following videos Prem Shankar Jha, a well known journalist in India, tries to give you a different take on what is going on in Syria from what you you usually read in (Western) newspapers and see on TV. In his eyes the unrests and the destruction of the Assad regime in Syria were carefully planned by the US and its Western allies. And now – after realizing that they are de-stabilizing just another Arabic country and by doing so they are just putting even more pressure on Israel – it’s impossible for them to say: We did wrong!

I cut the entire video down in single pieces and tried to separate them by subjects.

No Arab Spring in Syria
What happened in Syria was different from Egypt and Tunisia – it had nothing to do with the so-called Arab Spring in northern Africa.

Why it was different in Syria …

How the unrests evolved and who encouraged them

Israel and Oil – The 2 major reasons for destroying Syria

The failure of journalism and the media
The lack of Western media staff on the ground and the role Al Jazeera played in the process.
The misuse of social media sources.

youtube’s role in the media circus – and how it was used by whom.

When the Americans and the British realized they were wrong
Inconvenient Facts – Not liked by Hillary Clinton

Assad’s Choices

Where will Syria go?