Outsiders, please stop saving Africa!

Dominik Wind, my friend and colleague at we-magazine, has written an impressive article on the “Kony2012″ issue. You’ll find it here. You really should read it!

And watch this video – an outcry of a young African woman asking outsiders to stop saving Africa. She is an Ugandan journalist, her name is Rosebell Kagumire – she makes some pretty remarkle points on this entire issue!

Digitale Transformationen

About 10 years ago I published this 4 kg heavy book: digitale transformationen (in German):

The publication deals with fundamental transformations of art and modern life caused by digital technologies. Theoreticians, artists and scientists express their view along with producers, sponsors and intermediators. They present digital transformations in its manifold functions and with tangible examples as a new aesthetic and innovative research. Art with information technology is about finding and creating images on the basis of communication processes and about conceptual strategies and cognitive methods. The editors Ulrike Reinhard and Monika Fleischmann would like to address not only the traditional cultural sector but to position media art at the interface between technology, economy, science and culture. Their aim is to reach those readers who are willing to appreciate and support this kind of art as an important key factor for new thinking and innovation. Media art shows new views of the world. It reveals how we understand what we see and hear. The texts provide an insight into discourses and artistic practices in the German-speaking region.

Many of the texts are still actual today.

This beautifully designed book contains a DVD on which all texts are available as mp3 files.

Amazaon has to say this about the publication.

Yesterday the printing house called me, that they “found” another 200 copies in their stock!
Together with my co-publisher Monika Fleischmann, Fraunhofer Institute, we decided to give them away for only 10 Euros each (regular price 120.00 Euro) plus packaging and shipping.

So please feel free to order your copy now ny sending an email to ulrike (at) ulrikereinhard (dot) com.

Women Power

During the Global Citizen Forum in London I’ve had the chance to interview three incredible women ….

The first interview I did was with Chema Gargouri, a Tunisian woman, founder and president of TAMSS (Tunisian Association for Management and Social Stability). Their mission is mission is to sustainably develop poor communities through strengthening the economic and social capacities of families by establishing innovative complementary services based on leadership, training, education, and the promotion of entrepreneurship and micro-enterprise. I am sure you will be more than surprised what Chema has to say about Tunisian woman …

The second interview I did with Dr. Masuma Hasan who remained first women Ph.D. and first women Federal Secretary of Pakistan. While her husband spent many years in prison because of fighting Pakistan dictators, Masuma made it all by herself to the top and is today for many Pakistan women a role model.

And the third interview is featuring Alfaris Deena, CEO of a family business in Saudi Arabia, a very unusual job for a woman in this country!

Incredible India 02 – Unbox Festival and Royal Enfield

Unbox India

The unbox conference was outstanding – regarding content, formats and quality of speakers. Great job, thanks for that to all those who were involved in organizing the entire thing. It was worth coming.

Let me start with a few things which I found remarkable …

  • why brought they so many Dutch designers in – especially when they are all somehow cover the same scope ?
  • I was wondering why only so little people attended – was it a question of the price (200 USD)?
  • no wifi, no life stream – actually a shame when you really want to “unbox” to a broader audience outside the walls of British Council
  • hopefully they are NOT heading towards a TED-like event with a very closed circle
  • great name
  • Handmade India – a wonderfully designed book,  a tribute to the Indian craftsperson. It’s organized by the geographical distribution of the crafts across all states and regions of the country. Edited by Aditi Ranjan (PDF download link is here)
  • Indrajit Hazra – Indian novelist and journalist. Sharp, disruptive mind – liked him a lot
  • 3D printing: print your own mobile house. A little house, but a house.


These are the three things struck me the most:

Royal Enfield
… the legendary motorcycle manufacturing company from England, now based entirely out of Chennai, southern India. It’s the oldest one in the world. Founded 1905. But this is very much more on a personal level though – I bought one of these wonderful motorbikes – a bright red one. Hopefully delivered soon to downtown;-)

I did an interview with their CEO Venki Padmanabhan where he talks about the story behind Royal Enfield, its culture and its way of community building. They are aiming to become the VESPA in the motorbike world.

They caught me. I used to have an old red Vespa …

The other two things were Wash United, an NGO which suceessfully generates political will and promotes safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene for all, and Indy Johar, member of 00:/, a London based strategy & design practice company. Their foundation is delivering outstanding architecture and commissioned research into the built environment.

More on these two soon …

Hanging out with gangsters, talking about global governance

It was last year in September. I spent 10 days in Shanghai doing some research on global governance, social media and the open source movement. I wrote about here and here – and I did a couple of interviews – with David Li, Marc Chijs, Carsten Ullrich … This one here happened more or less by coinincidence in a bar named Ying Yang. Ying Yang is a lesser known venue in the French Concession district in Shanghai. Full of atmosphere. Posters of Chairman Mao adorning every available wall space, the musical background floats seamlessly from bossa nova to jazz, progressive psychedelic, and everything in between – as you can hear in the interview;-) – a favorite spot for both bohemian locals and expats in-the-know.

This entire “meeting” was set up via twitter and facebook. A friend of mine, Kate Ettinger, connected me with a bunch of “gangsters” – all of them members of we.makesense.org – a worldwide network of social entrepreneurs (I would highly recommend to check them out!). Habib Belaribi, Larry Vetea Tchiou, Clément Renaud and his girl friend Qu Hongyuan (most people call her Yuan – that’s also the way she introduces herself). Over some French red wine we were chatting about Shanghai, China, makesense and global governance.

A wonderful evening.
I’ve learnt a lot.

Thank you guys! Thank you Yuan!

On the Brink

The Past, Present And Future Of Connectivity – a great shortfilm!

It’s a great documentary to watch if you have some time to spare today or over the weekend. It’s going to be even more fun re-watching the mini film in about 10 years. Enjoy.

A cop’s point of view on OccupyWallStreet

Eddy worked for 20 years as a cop in Brooklyn, NY. He’s retired 10 years ago and is now working in a restaurant. I was very happy that he shared his thoughts on #OccupyWallStreet from a cop’s point of view.

Here is a great report from a guy down at Liberty Square on “What Happened When I Tried to Get Some Answers About the Creepy NYPD Watchtower Monitoring OWS” – his conversation with the cops.

I really would be interested in the ways NYPD or any other police department train their cops if they go on a mission like OWS. DO they train them at all? To they help them to understand what’s going on? Do they get mental support – since they are definitely part of the 99 percent?
Anybody knows anything about this?