I love books. And I do love the small little yet important details that make a book beautiful. LSD is a true master in this. They master typo, layout, translation, paper, binding ….. – all in ease.

When I reached back home to Germany five weeks ago, I ordered Virginia Wolff’s “Letter to a Young Poet” – in a German translation. Published by LSD. I fell in love with the German translation, it really caught the spirit and sound of the original and I love the physical book. A small book – 11.5 x 17 cm, 60 pages, linen, slightly yellowish paper and the type area was just perfect. I feel, a master piece.

And this little book became the template of Roadtrip to Bombay, the small story I had written earlier. I asked Nilesh Auti, an illustrator in Mumbai to create some illustrations and my dear friend Bea Gschwend brought text, illustrations and layout ideas together.

I hope you like the outcome.

I published this little book on issuu, you can flip through, and if you feel like you can order a printed version by sending an email to

ulrike (at) ulrikereinhard (dot) com

The proceeds will go to our charity, The Rural Changemakers e.V. in Berlin.

Roadtrip to Bombay
Text: Ulrike Reinhard | Illustrations: Nilesh Auti | Layout: Bea Gschwend

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