Cinema Jenin – Is this the end?

I am shocked while I am reading these lines … And I am not sure what shocked me more: the lousy kind of journalism – obviously DEUTSCHLANDRADIO didn’t do any qualified research on the subject – or the fact that Marcus Vetter should have said, that the situation in Jenin is too insecure to bring … Continue reading Cinema Jenin – Is this the end?

Cinema Jenin – A way to solve the Palestine-Israel Conflict

Last week I had the chance to talk to filmmaker Marcus Vetter on his project “Cinema Jenin”.He produced a feature film “Heart of Jenin” – a “sign of the time” movie which really captures the Palestine=Israel conflict. That’s Marcus mission on his project: “As a documentary filmmaker I go to a foreign land, and the … Continue reading Cinema Jenin – A way to solve the Palestine-Israel Conflict

Ohood Enaia – Life in Palestine

I’ve met Ohood last year at the Transformation Thinkers Conference (Schlos Steinhöfel, close to Berlin) – where we shared some great experiences. Ohood is native Palestinian and lives close to Ramallah, West Bank. She is working as a manager at the Municipal Development and Lending Fund, a semi government institution, and responsible for strategic planning … Continue reading Ohood Enaia – Life in Palestine


I started web videos in 2004 when bandwidth was a major issue. Even today I still struggle once in a while depending in which area of the world I am or how huge the video file is to be uploaded. Where ever I go I always have a tiny little digicam on me ready to … Continue reading Vlog

Something Extraordinary Happened …

Pre-Story “You’ve got to be the change you want to see!” “Heart of Jenin” is a documentary by Leon Geller and Marcus Vetter. It is the story of a twelve-year-old Palestinian boy who was killed in Jenin in 2005, by Israeli soldiers who mistook his toy gun for the real thing. The son of Ismael … Continue reading Something Extraordinary Happened …