One thought on “Janwaar Castle @TEDxBitsGoa”

  1. Thanks….
    I can’t start my reply without thinking the words “thanks” for whatever you are doing for India. I have just come to know about the skate park and a short story of how you develop the things in that village.

    I literally cried by seeing that a person coming from other country , showing love to India, Indian People and Indian village, taking a challenge to complete stuff which has been existed since decades.

    Simply, HATS OFF to you and your work.

    I would love to search some more details about what are the new project coming up next.

    I am an Indian and as of now living in Melbourne, Australia. Someday I would love to do something like you do now.

    Really it requires too much determination,

    Thanks for all your hard efforts,

    Keep up the good work,

    I appreciate the things you are doing not just for sake of saying good words but from the bottom of my heart. I MEAN it…

    Salute to your work and your strong decision…




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