we_India #2 – Stories

This we_magazine is different from the ones we’ve published before.
It’s much less Internet related.
It focusses much more on stories.
Stories about various “We’s” I’ve encountered over the last 4.5 years living in India..
It’s also a very personal edition because all the topics we’ve covered are covered by people with whom I have a personal relationship – we’ve worked together, we travelled together, we became friends.
They all have a somehow special place in my life in India.
And I actually didn’t realize this until I saw the entire magazine.
It took me almost one year to complete.
That’s my very first project were I was absolutey running on Indian time … 🙂
Too many things happened that kept me away from finishing it.
But now it’s there and I am very happy with the outcome.
I love the stories – they show India like I experience it on a daily basis.
I hope you have fun reading them!

Here you can flip through!

One thought on “we_India #2 – Stories”

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