The Barefoot Skateboarders

This is what I do in India …

“A sport which has long been identified with urban neighbourhoods across the world, is being used in a village in central India as a trigger for social change. Ulrike Reinhard – a German national – established a skate park in Janwar, Madhya Pradesh in February 2015, with the help of a few Indian and international skateboarding organisations. The region to which the village belongs is notorious for being one of the most socially and economically backward areas of the country. Untouchability, gender inequality, illiteracy, and alcoholism are rampant here. Through the voices of Ulrike and the children of the village, the film documents how the skate park is gradually changing the social fabric of the village and addressing some of its most deep rooted issues.”

One thought on “The Barefoot Skateboarders”

  1. Hi Ulrike,

    Really nice concept and cause.
    Any good means to connect with you- phone number/email ID- to know more about it and possibly joining the group?


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