The Art Of Letting Go

I was working with The Church of London a few years back on the very first edition of Google’s THINK QUARTERLY. Luckily they’ve come back to me with their HUCKMAGAZINE which describes itself as:

“Huck celebrates radical culture – people and movements that paddle against the flow. Inspired by DIY principles and rooted in the rebellious heritage of surf and skate, Huck roams the globe to document grassroots counterculture as it unfolds, seeking out freethinkers who are a wellspring of new thoughts and ideas.”

They did a short interview with me on Janwaar Castle and its power for transformation. Here is an excerpt which I myself find pretty important:

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned from your experiences in DIY community building?

I’m not sure what you mean by DIY community building – communities can only be build by DIY, you can’t force them, can you? If there isn’t a common cause or a common set of values it will never work. And both cause and values can’t be defined, because it’s a process of interaction and reflection among community members. It’s about doing things together, collaboration and co-creation and learning together. Only then can we all learn which things resonate. It has a lot to do with transparency and empathy and not so much with telling others what to do. It’s a nonlinear network model, not a hierarchy with command and control lines. Unfortunately the latter is still a frequent and strong component in development aid. So if you ask me what I’ve learnt, I’d say it’s the art of letting go.

Here you will find the entire interview on Janwaar Castle.

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