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Two days ago I sat down with Mantu, the guy who owns the land where we built the skatepark and we’ve had a chat about our up-coming summer camp. Almost en passant he mentioned that he and Vini (my landlord where I stay at Ken River Lodge) will plant small trees around the park. For environmental reasons and for some shade – in a few years. And – when the trees are ready to be commercialized – we take the money and re-invest it in girls’ education.

Some trees will be Teak trees – they are prohibited trees in Madhya Pradesh, you are not allowed to plant and cut them unless you have government permission. All done! And they only can be cut off after 15 years. They probably bring a return of 15.000-20.000 INR per tree. We only use indigenous trees and we will look for some diversity – we will have some fruit trees (much earlier to use), maybe eucalyptus and bamboo.


I really liked this idea and immediately jumped into it.

We need around 300 trees to surround almost the entire park.
And we have almost 300 childeren in Janwar.

So I thought – why not planting a tree for every child in Janwar and get the funding from all of my friends from around the world.

One tree cost 100 INR.
To dig the hole where it is planted costs 20 INR.
And to make a fence to protect the baby tree costs another 80 INR.

So all in all it is 200 INR per tree (approximately 4.2 Euros or 5 USD).

My goal is to reach out to at least 100 friends in 100 countries.
Who ever donates a tree can name the tree! Many of my friends have chosen to name the tree after their children.

I checked the resonance – and people loved it!
I started yesterday and asked a few friends.
By now I have collected tree-donors from 11 countries!

The Netherlands, Lebanon, China, Pakistan, India, Germany, France, UK, US, Greece and Austria.

89 more to go!

We will plant them during our summer camp in June.

So please join us in this endevour. Spread the word!!! On facebook, twitter … wherever.

Just drop me an email if you are in:

we (at) we-magazine (dot) net

Thank you!

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