It’s not PRO Assad but AGAINST takfiri

I am not a high profile christian but I was with them on the peace pilgrimage;-) Father Dave, a great “priest” character who is crazy about boxing, and John Shipton, Julian Assange’s father, both great travel companions, in an interview with RT in London. I can only agree with what they are saying – here are the three major points they are making:

  • Syrian people take their destiny in their own hands and successfully start reconcilliations in their local areas …
  • Bashar Assad is stronger than ever. One CANNOT say the Syrians including the opposition are pro Assad, but they are most definitely AGAINST the alternative: Takfiri and foreign fighters.
  • The tragic role Western and Arabic media was and partially still is playing in this war.

Both of them went directly from Damascus to London to see Julian who is living now for almost 3 years in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Please take your time an watch these 12 minutes:

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