The Old City of Lahore

This is actually the part of Lahore which I like the best … It is so full of life – all kind of smells, from delicious local food to the disgusting smell of the garbage, noises, colors, people, fabrics and thousands of other goods. A market place where bargaining is a must!

Entrance when you enter the Old City from Delhi Gate

I went there by auto from fancy Gulberg, a place where the culture resides, business flourishes and people enjoy. One of the biggest commercial and residential areas in Lahore.

Autos are just about the same as they are in India, just a bit more “expensive” in Lahore. Which was surprising.

In the Old City I bought beautiful cotton (1m by 1.75 m wide, 1.20 Euro) and I had a lot of fun while I was trying to explain the guys that I now need a stitcher to make shirts out of it;-) “Male” shirts – for my trip through the wilderness of Balochistan. Finally we worked everything out and tomorrow I can pick them up. Photos will follow by then.

Just around of Delhi Gate is the Lahore Railway Station. A beautitful old brick building with much less hazzle inside than in Delhi’s Nizzamudin. It was pretty easy to buy my train ticket from Lahore to Quetta (1120 km, 22 hours, 15 Euros) – I am looking forward to this adventure. The woman at the counter spoke basic English and seemed to be happy to see a foreigner at her counter. Not so many “Westerners” in the city.


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