The MAATI Way – ARTBOARDS/SKATEBOARDS from Local Indian Artists

MAATI (which means earth) is a small boutique in South Delhi’s trendy and hipster Hauz Khas Village. For almost two years I always passed by this shop, because from what I saw in the windows it seemed to be just another tourist trap.

But I was wrong!

One day my host in Hauz Khas introduced me to Aniruddha Saha, the guy who runs MAATI together with his wife Swati. Only then I had a closer look on what they are doing. And it turned out to be amazing;-)

Here is an interview I did with them a few month ago.

They describe themselves as follows: “MAATI promotes artists of many disciplines. In its quest for classical art forms, team MAATI travels to the remotest areas of the subcontinent in search of heirs and heroes of these art forms, who have or are in the process of foregoing their legacy of generations for lack of support in a materialistic world.”

MAATI guides and trains the artists, offers medical and educational assistance to their tribal and rural artisan families and shows them a way to make their living. What ever the artists “produce” in their studio close to Hauz Khas Village, MAATI sells online or in their boutique: hand painted T-shirts, frames, bags, jewelery … you name it!

Together with Kanhaiya Prasad Singh, Mithun Ray and Aniruddha (from left to right) at their studio

So when we started the ARTBOARD/SKATEBOARD project I immediately went to see Aniruddha and I asked him if they would design an ARTBOARD. And they did … actually the hand painted four outstanding pieces of art – which for me are so much INDIAN. I simply love the colors and the design … but please have a look on your own!!!

They are on auction NOW!!! So please go and bid for them!

Mithun Ray painted this motorbike ARTBOARD – it is almost 3D. You need to feel it;-)

Kanhaiya Prasad Singh used to paint movie posters. No wonder his ARTBOARD shows various scenes from a very famous Indian Bollywood movie!

The following two ARTBOARDS were painted by Chanchal Mitral.



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