Happy Birthday OUBEY and thank you for your ARTBOARD/SKATEBOARD

I’ve heard about OUBEY and the MINDKISS project just before its website was launched a few years ago. I was introduced to Dagmar Woyde-Koehler – the woman “behind” MINDKISS. I immediately fell in love with the concept – it was and still is a unique way to present art outside the artificial art world;-)

And since then Dagmar and I frequently meet and discuss MINDKISS’ latest developments.

But first things first.
What am I talking about?

On its website the project is described as follows:

Persistent and uncompromising, dedicated solely to his own artistic vision – this was how OUBEY, voluntarily isolated from the public, created an unmistakable, multifaceted and incomparable oeuvre over the course of 25 years. Uninfluenced by the art business, OUBEY created over 1000 pictures with an astonishing, creative force in the greatest possible inner and external freedom.

When OUBEY started thinking about an exhibition again for the first time in a long time, he lost his life in a traffic accident in August 2004 at the age of 46.

The project MINDKISS posthumously realizes his plan, now opening a door for the first time, five years after OUBEY’s early and untimely death, to the hidden treasure he created and left behind. The book MINDKISS, the experience film OUBEY, and the web site OUBEY.com are the first steps along the way to a long-term goal. This goal consists of presenting the originals of OUBEY’s pictures permanently in an exhibition, in which the mental context in which this art was created can be understood and experienced at the same time.

And one tiny little piece within the bigger MINDKISS puzzle is this ARTBOARD. “Highly original and full of zest” is how Dagmar describes the drawing OUBEY made in 1981 which she selected as her contribution to ARTBOARD / SKATEBOARD. It’s a genuine rarity given the fact that the original work will never be put on sale. “I hope the new owner has lots of fun with this board,” she says!

So please take your chance ….


A big THANK YOU to the OUBEY community who really helped to let OUBEY’S ARTBOARD take off today!
I assume Oubey would be more than happy to observe all this on his birthday!
Happy birthday Oubey!

Not sure what else to say …. just please keep on bidding;-)
The kids will love you for this!

One thought on “Happy Birthday OUBEY and thank you for your ARTBOARD/SKATEBOARD”

  1. Thank you so very much, Ulrike! Isn´t it just great that OUBEYs artistic heritage seems to create value of a very special kind ever since he started to work on it?
    I hope you will get the result you need to build this skatepark. And I would love to visit it one day – together with some of OUBEYs paintings …
    Best to you, Dagmar

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