ARTBOARD/SKATEBOARD: The Children of Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Last year in October I went to Jodhpur in Rajasthan, a tiny little village 3,5 hours away from South Delhi. We did a painting/skateboarding workshop there. I wrote about it on this blog. During these four days the children painted three ARTBOARDS and many pictures, of which we selected five and which we then framed.

For both you can bid on our ARTBOARD/SKATEBOARD auction which will start tomorrow – March 20! Those are the kids who will benefit from the auction – for them we will build the skatepark!

Their boards (see below) you can only auction in the triple package, minimum bid – as for all the other boards – is 300 EURO.


Same is true for the pictures they’ve been drawing. You can only auction ALL FIVE together – a colorful potpourri giving you a glimpse of Indian design, form and expression. And think about – these kids NEVER EVER painted before!


And this is how I’ve framed all of them:


When we left the village in October I promised the kids to bring those to Delhi, who painted best. So last week end four boys came to see me in Delhi – we’ve had a wonderful time at Delhi’s first indoor skatepark “freemotion” – and we showed them around in the city. What a lovely experience for all of us … they’ve never been to the city before! In April the girls will come!

Below you can see the boys getting their instructions for the skatepark …


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