Here comes the next ARTBOARD: Monika Fleischmann und Wolfgang Strauss

10 years ago I contacted Monika and Wolfgang – these days both of them were working at Fraunhofer, one of Germany’s finest addresses when we talk about research. As digital multimedia artists they were working at the intersection of arts, business and technology. Exactly what I needed for realizing my “once in a lifetime” book dream: digitale transformationen (sorry, only available in German).

Financially the book almost ruined me – but I would do it all over again. “digitale transformationen” deals with the fundamental transformations in business, culture and science driven by digital technologies. It quickly became a benchmark and with the help of Monika and Wolfgang I was able to get the right people for the right topics.

When I asked them to design an ARTBOARD for our auction they immediately agreed and send a file;-) It was a bit tricky to get it on the board, but with the help of an excellent printing studio in Berlin it worked out beautifully – as you can see! The surface of the skateboard is like a navigation system. It can travel in any direction and always gets there. The growth rings of a tree seem like the plan for an archetypal city.


So, if you like this one, start bidding on March 20!
The only chance to get a hold of it;-)

Today Monika and Wolfgang run their own independent research unit, the MARS – Exploratory Media Lab in which they work on topics such as media aesthetics, knowledge media and fluid architecture. In their research on interactivity and interaction design they develop participatory experiences. For their “Home of the Brain”, the first art virtual reality installation to be walked through with datagloves and data glasses, they received the 1992 Golden Nica of Prix Ars Electronica. Just recently they’ve been nominated again for Ars Electronica, this time in the new category: Visionary Pioneers of Media Art.

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