Learning through engagement

This post was sent to me by Nicola Claire, who is running a school in Istanbul and advises we_school. With Nicola I share my thoughts on how to build a “matrix curriculum” for we_school. Traditional curriculum combined with “out of school” ways of learning re-integrated into it.

Here is her take on our ARTBOARD/SKATEBOARD project:

artboard_skateboard_03An auction of skateboards – persuade artists from around the world to decorate a skateboard for free and then auction them off to raise a great deal of money.

You get a one-off original piece of art work and we get …….  well what exactly do we get?

Actually we get nothing, but children in a poor region of rural India get the opportunity to learn a skill, develop a social network, have a great deal of fun and get an education.  Quite a lot from an auction of art-worked skate-boards you might think – but this is what you will set in motion by bidding for one of the amazing boards.

So, how does a skate-board auction turn into an education for village children in rural India?

Education is a concept that everyone has a different interpretation of. Mostly however, it revolves around buildings, books, exams, timetables  and decontextualised learning.

The we_school in Khajuraho will be none of these. Simply put, it will be the opportunity for children to acquire knowledge, skills and understanding through the activities which they engage in every day.

Take the skateboards – from the decision about which woods to use, to the final stroke of the decorative paintbrush this learning journey is the acquisition of knowledge and learning of skills and the understanding of application. It is also a great deal of fun. And the knowledge, skills and understanding have life-long credit and fully transferability by the way.

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