we_middle east – we_magazine Volume 09

We are happy and proud to share with you THIS, our 9th issue of we-magazine.

After travelling the region several times and BEING impressed by its people and the unfolding dynamics, we decided to focus this issue on the Middle East, its “Arab Spring” and the aftermath of the so-called revolutions.

As usual the focus is ON giving A voice to the silenced and unheard. Their very personal stories are often in sharp contrast to the black & white narratives we´re fed by THE mass media.

But that´s not all.

We’ve experimented with the online format again and this time have come up with an interactive version. We’re really happy with the platform our friend Håvard developed! IT’s “work in progress” in terms of ACTUAL content and format / platform development – but here it is the prototype of the interactive online version of we_magazine. Explore this content package! We’ve gotten rid of the linearity so you’re free to dive in, explore and make your own path as you please.

We hope you´ll enjoy it and are looking forward to your feedback and comments, especially on the more controversial articles.

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