Skateboarding helps children develop positive behaviour!

Shake is an Indian Skateboarder and one of the founders/owners of The Holy Stoked Skatepark. The park was built within 2 weeks with the help of more than 20 skateboarders from all around the world – sponsored by Levis. Read their story here. The park opened late March this year and it gives pleasure and hope to so many kids in the neighborhood.

I went there to learn more about what you can really achieve when you provide a space for kids where they are free to develop their way. And what I saw made me happy:

  • boys and girls “equally” happy skating together
  • respectful handling
  • great engagement and dedication
  • nice mix of kids with various backgrounds
  • low barriers in approaching “strangers”
  • cool personal hand shaking while saying “hi” and “good-bye” 😉

There was one 13 year old guy, who truly impressed me. For him Holy Stoked Collective is life changing. Instead of hanging out with the wrong crowd and being a big troublemaker for his mother – he is now fully engaged in skateboarding … Still he is refusing to go to school, he dropped out 2 years ago – but with a pretty clear statement he said that he decided to work and earn money to pay for his little brother’s education instead. He feels that his chances of returning to school are gone and he doesn’t want to join classes with kids 2 years younger than him.

He is very strong minded kid and I felt he is smart and a good kid. And he finds his confidence in the skate park. I was so amazed how he is dealing with this board after only 5 month of practicing … I am sure with or without school the floor will be his!

During my visit I’ve got the chance to do ths short interview with Shake, on of the two guys who are running the Holy Stoked. He is telling us what they’ve been achieved so far and what they are up to …

And here are a few kids in action;-)




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