Creative Financing – Auctioning personalized Skateboards

As many of you know I initiated the we_school project in India. So far Egon Zippel (a friend of mine) and I financed the entire endeavour all by ourselves – expect in two cases we used crowd funding. Now, inspired by Gottfried Kube and his “Boards without Borders” project – he is planning to build a skate park in rural India and cooperate with we_school – we are in the middle of preparing auctions (online/offline) where we auction off “personalized” skate boards. 100% of the auction proceeds will end up in our skateboarding activities for girls in rural India.

What is a “personalized” skate board – you may ask.

We ask artists, photographers, designers and sometimes also children to “design” the deck of a skateboard and sign it. They either paint the decks, spray them or put a photograph on it and laminate it. All the decks become “art pieces” – they will never be used for skateboarding.

Joi Ito, in one of his lives a photographer, has chosen this picture for “his” deck:


Dagmar Woyde-Köhler, who is running the unusual Mindkiss Art Project, has chosen “POW”:


Vicky Roy, a young Indian photographer, has already designed his deck – He has chosen one image from his latest art exhibit Home.Street.Home. I haven’t seen it yet …

Other artists and supporters are:

Axel Pfennigschmidt, a photographer based in Berlin. He will use an image of his Marrakeck Edition for the deck. Bea Beste, founder of, is painting a “fun deck tollabox”. Bea Gschwend, our designer for we-magazine and we-school, is working on a we_school board. Raghava KK, a multi-talented Indian artist based in New York, has a board. Youssouf Amine Elalamy, a writer from Rabat, Morocco, will design a deck. Shilo, who did this years INKtalk stage, will do a deck. Bernd Kolb, one of the heroes of the German dotcom era in the 90ies and now working as a photographer all around the world will create another deck. And of course there will be the kids in Jodhpur, MEWAT, painting a deck during our first skateboard workshop.

And they all work for free!!! BIG, BIG thank you!

As you can see there will be a broad variety 😉
And there are many more to come … So stay tuned!
We started various activities to reach out to more artists in India, US, Morocco and Brazil.
And we count on you! If you know any one who might be interested in designing a deck – please let us know!
Just drop a line in the comment section or send an email.

The decks they are using are both, new and used. They are sponsored them from skate parks such as freemotionsk8 in New Delhi or Skate-Express in Heidelberg where I come from. Egon got a few boards in New York (I don’t know from where), in Morocco we are supported by Atlas Skateboard.

Our first auction is scheduled for December 13 in Berlin!
It will be a real event but you also have the chance to auction online!
So please join us and empower young girls in rural India!

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