Skateboarding in Rural India

A few weeks ago I’ve met Steve Weightman who is running Delhi’s first indoor skate park: freemotionsk8. He contributed two skateboard decks for our we-school auction. Gottfried Kube from Boards without Borders connected us. Lucky us;-)

Inside freemotionsk8

… after our meeting we agreed on a new we_school experiment: skateboarding for girls in rural India! Thank you Steve for your involvement!

This is what we are going to do on November 25-28.

We go back into Akbar Khan’s village in Mewat. We set up mobile skateboarding ramps in the village and train especially the girls in skateboarding. The skateboard lessons are paired with discussions on girls’ issues such as anti-trafficking awareness, gender imbalance, arts and and and … And we let the girls paint skateboards. All this supports the girls to build up self-confidence and lowers the barriers to address “difficult” topics. Our assumption is that the girls first of all will have lots of fun while skateboarding and painting the boards. They most likely will easily engage with each other in a very positive way. Secondly we believe that skateboarding is a valuable platform of expression, creativity and self-development for children of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds – I hope the experiment will proof it!

Maybe all this is the very first step towards Akbar’s girls education center. We’ll see what we learn from this experiment. From there we go …

The “we” in this case is actually a pretty big team: Besides Steves’s skateboarding team including an expert in anti-trafficking awareness, two friends of mine will join. Geeta, a French lady who is running an NGO in Khajuraho working with tribals and most like Durgha who was with us already in Patha when we conducted the workshop with the villagers. Both have experiences in rural areas.

Here are two more picts from freemotionsk8:



5 thoughts on “Skateboarding in Rural India”

  1. dearest all,
    everything that can be done for supporting girls in increasing (and in some cases even creating ) their body’s awareness and self confidence, is a very very good idea!!!

    For them, two initiatives have been taken in my village in tribal area in Madhya Pradesh: -workshops conducted by Françoise Cardineau, painter and psychologist,
    – creation of a folk dance group WITH THE BOYS. Success has been far beyond our expectations.
    Skateboard difficulty my area is the lack of a proper space…… most of the time we are in the mud and not in the ciment…
    Thanks all to take care of this population so rich in his humanity and so neglected by indian themselves. Love Geeta

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