The Entrepreneurship Cell

Next week, on Nov. 15th, I will join the MACON network and talk during their Entrepreneur Week with the students about social entrepreneurship and new technologies. It will be my first time in Hyderabad.

The MAÇON network at the IBS Business School in Hyderabad was founded in 2008 when Mr. Anup Aggarwal, a student and an aspiring entrepreneur, felt the need for guidance and support in order to achieve his entrepreneurial dreams. Today, MAÇON is an amalgamation of individuals with a vision and a dream which indubitably, can come true. It is a platform for all those who want to create their own paths and leave behind the trails of success. The E-Cell aims at nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit and tremendous energy among individuals to a level where they can bring about a positive change in the society; a change we all aspire for. MAÇON facilitates the students with B-Plan workshops and guidance by entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

I will give the students some background information about myself, who am I and why I work the way I do, I’ll take them on a journey why SOCIAL entrepreneurship is relevant and why social does NOT mean “no money”, how new technologies can support the social and entrepreneurial cause and what it takes to move from an idea to set up a company. I will also talk about new technologies will change our ideas of companies … It hopefully will be a fruitful talk and discussion for all of us.

Thanks ti Sumit Wadhwa and the entire MACON team to make this happen.

I will share my presentation here as soon as it is finished;-)

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