A Role Model for Rural India

Akbar Khan is a farmer in Jodhpur (Kaman), a tiny little village in the Mewat, Rajasthan. He cares very much about education and has managed to educate his children in an extraordinary way – from the village to university back to the village. A completely different approach from what other farmers in the villages do. Usually they keep their kids at home and let them work in the fields … Akbar Khan is a true role model.

I am really looking forward to cooperate more with him and his village – especially on girl’s education.

My friend Yogesh Sen (16 years old, from Khajuraho) translated the interview. Thanks to both of them.

One thought on “A Role Model for Rural India”

  1. Good to see change at the very microcosm of indian society. From farming to school, school to university and finally from university to the village. It takes just one individual and not the masses to create a revolution. I see akbar and his children the force behind such a revolution in India. You educate a man and the man earns his salary, educate a woman and she educates the whole family.

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