Arduino Workshop Day 4: Handicraft & Machinery

I took a day off today – so my writings only refer to what I’ve heard from Peter & Yogesh. It was actually the last full working day – the students were split in 2 groups and they worked at the same time, each group 4 hours. This way we had the possibility to gain at least some time back from the unexpected holidays;-)

Handicraft and Machinery


Arduino-Workshops always seek the balance between creating and programing. Since the kids knew very little about programing we focused more on the creation and handicraft part and tried to let the kids experience what programing means and does. So far they’ve tinkered various objects with cardboards and learnt how to change a few paramenter of code.

Today their job was to build real objects including motors, batteries and other tiny machinery. They started out to collect empty plastic bottles and small stones in the school yard, pasted the objects with the visuals, drilled holes and tried to trigger sound from stones they’ve been putting in the empty bottles.

Unfortunately the sound effect didn’t work. The bottles moved, the motors were running, batteries were functioning, the ARDUINO boards followed the code … but the sound somehow didn’t work;-( We could only listen to the sound of the motors!

Nevertheless the kids had a blast and really enjoyed the day. Boys and girls likewise.
They formed teams to create objects and we’ve got the impression that if we would have more time with them a few kids were ready to build there own stuff …
At the end of the day the created objects were ready to be presented on our exhibition on the last day.


At the end even one of the teachers started to tinker and program and he seemed very much surprised that his code was functioning;-)


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