Arduino Workshop Day 3: Holiday

More or less by coincidence we got to know that during the week of our workshop that there are 2 days off: holiday.
Wednesday and Friday no school!
No one told us … and when I asked when we set the dates for the workshop 2 weeks ago, also no one was mentioning it.

My attempt to convince the principal if at least for one day he could call the students in, failed.
No chance he said.
Parents won’t let their kids go.
Not sure if this is the reason, could also be that he or one of his teachers would mind to come and open the school for us …

For one or the other reason – all of a sudden we had to deal with the fact that instead of 5 working days we had only 3!

While Lenny was relaxing in the beautiful garden of the Barbet Ressort, and overlooking Sohna, …


… Sandy had a rather tough day to re-structure the content and to build new ARDUINO objects according to the new situation. With boxes from sari dealers in downtown Sohna and the paintings from the students she was creating new stuff the entire day and parts of the night …



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