Create and Program, Arduino Workshop Day 2

We open and end our workshop in a circle.
In the morning Sandy summarized what we’ve done the day before and we check what the students have understood and if there were remaining questions.
Then we tell them what we are planning to do in our next session.


Day 2 was dedicated to explore the Pro Bella:

tumblr_mupymjjdBA1sxw7hdo3_1280The Pro Bella is an interactive installation. One can arrange colored laces or slices and control the movement with the body. The visual effect depends on your distance. Different rotation levels will show different color effects.

Its components in this case are:

– an electric motor (under the red/blue cardboard),
– an ARDUINO motor shield,
– colored cardboard.
– a slider and
– and nails.

Our goal with the students was to create new visuals that rotate on top of the bottle and to learn how the speed of the rotation can be changed.

Creation of new visuals

We provided the students cardboard in various colors, scissors, cutters, and pencils. Glasses and plates helped them to create circles. We asked them to let their imagination flow and create any kind of “form” (triangles, stars. circles, squares …) and paint them … Both groups – boys and girls – got very much involved and “produced” beautiful outcome.


Control of the speed

After a short break Sandy explained the kids how the computer communicates with the ARDUINO machine and showed them the program and how to change the parameter for the speed. Now real excitement began;-)
Each child changed the paramenter, saved the program, uploaded it to the ARDUINO machine and checked the result …


At the end of the session every one felt happy.
It was fun to see the kids so much engaged.

And here is the text in Hindi:

Text 4 pg 1

Text 4 pg 2

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